Compartment Syndrome
The Issue

Compartment Syndrome can occur from severe injury or over exertion. Even when physicians are well versed in the signs and symptoms of compartment syndrome, the clinical presentation is sometimes indefinite and confusing.
A timely diagnosis is crucial.

Muscle Damage

Reversible (3-4 hours)Irreversible (8+ hours)Variable (4-8 hours)

Nerve Damage

Decrease Conduction (1-2 hours)Irreversible (6+ hours)Neuropraxia (2-6 hours)

The Solution

Quick and simple
pressure monitor

Hand-held monitor for
accurate measurement of
compartmental pressure

Continuous monitoring/treadmill testing application

Compartment syndrome can develop in patients with palpable pulse, acceptable color, and normal sensory examinations. It should be suspected in any extremity that has sustained high-energy soft tissue or bone trauma, arterial disruption, a burn, or limb compression. The one factor that must be present in compartment syndrome is increased tissue pressure. The STIC Intra-Compartmental Pressure Monitor System is a convenient, self-contained, and reliable unit for an immediate or continuous reading of compartment pressure.

Improper use of the device may result in improper measurement


To learn more about the STIC System and how to use it, click below to download the Critical Care Diagnostics STIC Brochure and STIC Instruction For Use.

Product Information

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295-000-000STIC Pressure Monitor System
(includes the following-no substitutions or deletions allowed)
  • 295-001-000 STIC Pressure Monitor
  • 295-002-000 Quick Pressure Monitor Set (6/pkg. Each set includes pre-filled syringe, diaphragm chamber, and side-ported needle.
  • 295-006-000 Indwell Slit Catheter Set (12/pkg. Each set includes slit catheter, breakaway needle, and extension tubing.
  • 295-009-000 9V Alkaline Battery
  • 295-008-000 Storage Case
295-001-000STIC Pressure Monitor
295-002-000Quick Pressure Monitor Set (6/pkg). Each set includes pre-filled syringe, diaphragm chamber and side-ported needle.
295-003-000Side-ported, 18-gauge needle, 2.5” long (12/pkg)
295-005-000Syringe, 3cc, sodium chloride injection USP 0.9% (10/pkg)
295-006-000Indwell Slit Catheter Set (12/pkg). Each set includes slit catheter, breakaway needle and extension tubing.
295-001-004Battery Door
295-001-005Housing Cover
295-009-0009V Alkaline Battery
295-008-000Storage Case
295-016-000Wall Mount Storage Cabinet
Dimensions5” x 3” x 2”
Weight5.2 oz (150kg)
Battery Life48 continuous hours

Clinical Studies

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